Jaguar XJ6 Respray

Jaguar XJ6 Restoration

This has been one of the most wonderful restorations we have undertaken. Not only is it an unusual car to do a full restoration on but it is a project for only the brave!
The project has taken over 2 years to do as the parts are not readily available. We have also had to manufacture parts that are now obsolete.
It is finished in a totally bespoke colour – a red 2 stage pearl and has had a complete new interior, including the dashboard.
A truly magnificent car it has been!

Jaguar before restoration
Interior before restoration
Jaguar Engine compartment
Cables and connections before restoration
Jaguar XJ6 Engine Block
Refinishing bodywork
Restoration of Jaguar XJ6
Primer and respraying
Jaguar XJ6 in Primer
Jaguar XJ6 Seat restoration
Restored bodywork on Jaguar
Jaguar XJ6 Restoration painted bodywork
Restored and refitted engine block
Jaguar XJ6 Interior
Fully restored interior
Jaguar XJ6 Restoration finished
Jaguar XJ6 Restoration
Jaguar XJ6 Restoraton