Aston Martin DBS 6 Cylinder Restoration

This was a restoration project which took approximately 2 years to complete. The colour was changed to match the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” with George Lazenby playing James Bond.
Many components were upgraded to suit our client.

Aston Martin DBS - front view of bodywork before restoration
Front view before restoration
Engine block
Undercarriage of Aston Martin
Repair of wheel arch
Repairing front wing
Sanding bodywork
Ready for priming
Primed and ready for paint
Primed and ready for painting
Repairs to bodywork
Interior before refinishing
Bodywork repainted
Interior ready for work
Refinished bodywork
Side view of bodywork
Side view of new paint
Refinishing processFront view of Aston Martin DBS
Engine block